Hebei Hanna Technology Co.,Ltd.


Since 1990,From simple manual spraying to automatic powder spraying system.We can provide you with innovative, rational and economical and the best powder coating equipment and turn-key solution.
We’ve built thousands of optimal customized lines and systems for powder coating operations across China and around the world. Hanna’s list of satisfied clients includes successful small manufacturers, government organizations, and global corporations.
Our mainly products include: Manual powder coating machine, Automatic powder coating line, Spray painting equipment, Pretreatment System, Drying Oven, Powder Spraying Gun, Reciprocator, Fast Automatic Color Change Equipment, Powder Coating Booth, Powder Recovery Equipment, Conveyor Chains, Curing Oven, etc.All the systems are widely used on the applications of automotive, home and office appliance, machines industry, metal fabrications and so on.

*Pollution free operation.
*Safe to operate
*Maximum recovery efficiency.
*Quick colour change.
1,Hanna powder coating equipment absorbed European technology to develop generation intelligent gun, unique circuit board design,Complete solve the problem of workpiece powder grooves on the dead angle,groove with powder.
2,Hanna powder coating equipment technology unique to the wind system which make the effective temperature difference control furnace temperature fluctuate 3 ℃,ensure that products without color difference,coating dose not fall off.
3,Our company using the internationally recognized big cyclone recovery system powder recovery rate as high as99.2%,ensure no dust spillover.Unique fast color change powder supply center, change color only 10 to 15 minutes.


1,Our staff includes coating system designers, powder and chemistry experts, control systems engineers, technical support personnel, installation technicians and experienced trainers.You won’t find a better combination of quality, value and support anywhere in this industry.
2,Each piece of equipment is built to meet your specific needs. To make sure you get the best results, our factory-authorized technician team will help you work through the details and get the results you need. We will design, build, deliver your automated system and if more services needed, we can help to install, fine-tune and train your operators to get premium results.
3,Our continuous research on the field as well as our constantly developing techniques and innovative nature of our engineering dpt. enable our customers to catch up to the latest developments by modernizing their equipment partly or wholly, so as to improve performance, increase profits and maintain their competitiveness in the world of trade.



All the powder coating equipment and paint spraying equipment are widely used in all metal workpieces, transportation industry, hardware industry, building materials decoration, security, home appliances, mechanical engineering, wire mesh, electrical appliances, instrumentation, radiators, security doors, pipes, valves, furniture, shelves, hangers, lamps, fire extinguishers and many other fields.