Powder coating equipment power and free overhead conveyor

Power And Free Overhead Conveyor Line

Our factory successfully developed a double line design of the full automatic powder coating production line – – Power And Free Overhead Conveyor, which effectively improves work efficiency, saves raw materials, and occupy less area than the other powder coating production line, solves the problem of the small size of the factory.

The power and free overhead conveyor line is also called the power and free conveyor. The power and free overhead conveyor line can transport and temporarily store workpieces on the conveyor line, prevent the workpiece from continuing to be transported and adjust the spacing or the rate of workpieces. The items to be transported should not be too small. Gravity roller wheel and rollers are the cheapest and simplest storage conveyors commonly used.


1.The production capacity doubled for same time,

2. Energy consumption cost reduce by half

3. Occupy area reduce by half

4. Choose a special suspension conveyor chain, accumulation chain or ground chain that is specially adapted to the production environment

5. The position of the drive and tensioning device is chosen reasonably, through point-by-point tension calculation

6. Drives or multiple drives are synchronized using a frequency converter and closed-loop synchronous control circuitry

7. No creeping and jittering of the entire suspension conveyor system

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Power And Free Overhead Conveyor Line 1
Power And Free Overhead Conveyor Line

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If you want to custom made any powder coating line, Pls tell us the following specifications:
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5.The heating power you prefer: electric, gas, diesel, or coal.
6.The size of your factory (length, width and height).
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